A solid, stable building pad is the foundation of every construction project no matter the size of the job. Even before the actual foundation is built. The dirt pad must be constructed correctly by a qualified contracting company that understands the precision required. Otherwise, there is a high risk of failures that could compromise the whole structure later on.

The purpose of a building pad or dirt pad is to provide a strong surface for a heavy structure. This will keep the structure balanced and stable ensuring there will never be any tilting or sinking into the ground. The packed and prepared surface is then ready for a foundation and construction of the actual building.

To prevent problems that could put the entire structure at risk, Site Boyzz will analyze the soil at the job site and fill, grade, and compact it to increase its stability. Different soils will behave in various ways when supporting heavy loads. Everything from soil composition to how loose it is and how much water it can absorb affects soil stability which directly affects the stability of the structure.

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